Since 1979, the Zimmerman Low Vision Simulation Kit has been used by thousands of sighted individuals world wide to gain a better understanding of the functional impact of visual impairment or low vision.

These simulators are excellent devices to use when conducting an in-service, workshop, or for demonstration purposes on the topic of visual impairment and low vision.

The Kit contains goggles and interchangeable visual acuity and visual pathology simulations, as well as peripheral field restriction simulations that allow family, friends, colleagues, and those who work with individuals who have low vision, to experience the lack of visual clarity and field loss that can affect mobility, education, and activities of daily living.

The lenses and funnels can be used interchangeably with the goggles to create a variety of simulations. An attractive carrying case along with instructions for use is also included.

The Kit is designed to be used by up to four individuals at a time. Additional Kit(s) are recommended for larger groups.

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Phone: 412-760-2481

Shipping Information: Orders will be processed immediately and shipped within 24-hours. Should you need faster delivery, please contact us at lowvisionsimulationkit@yahoo.com. For orders within the Continental U.S., shipping is free. For CANADIAN, HAWAIIAN, ALASKAN, or INTERNATIONAL orders, please CONTACT US at lowvisionsimulationkit@yahoo.com or phone 412-760-2481 PRIOR TO placing your order to obtain correct shipping fees.

Refund, Returns, or Cancellation Policy: Our refund, return, or cancellation policy is that if the items are defective then please return them for replacement or refund and we will replace the item and reimburse you for shipping costs.

We are careful to assure that the simulations are as optically accurate as possible, but remember that the user may also have a refractive error that may add to the severity of the simulation. Since the simulations are hand made, there will be slight differences from Kit to Kit.